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Views From North Mountain Lookout

North Mountain, the headwaters of the North Fork Stillaguamish River, is located just a few miles north of Darrington, WA.  At the very top of the mountain at an elevation of 3,824 feet is the North Mountain Fire Lookout.  The Darrington Area Business Association, Inc., or DABA, has formed a committee to research the restoration of this lookout for a interpretative building, vacation rental and tourist destination.  In addition to the lookout there are ten surrounding acres with a .5 acre lake which is being considered for additional camping or vacation cabin rental.

The tower is 41 feet high with a 16 by16 foot R-6 Flat Top  cab.  Windows look out all directions at rugged mountain peaks and the rivers and valleys below.  Once you have seen a sunset and sunrise from a lookout it is an experience you will remember forever!
Experience It!

Why do we think the restoration of the lookout is a good decision?    We believe investing in this heritage building will not only prove to be a sustainable venture but a profitable one for our community.  It will increase tourist interest and over night stays for the Darrington area as well as preserve a very important part of local history.  At one time there were 8,000 fire lookouts in the U.S., but now only 2,000 remain.  Lookouts in the U.S. are being lost at a rate of one per week.  The days of the lookouts are an American legacy, and reservations to stay at a lookout are often booked a year in advance.  One of the most remarkable features of North Mountain Lookout is that it is close to town, only about a 13 mile drive ending right at the tower.

The short distance to travel to the lookout makes it an easy weekend get away with plenty of time to just enjoy the tranquil setting and surrounding mountains.

Preserving History
Investing In The Future!