Success Stories

The Mountain Loop Books and Coffee, LLC  took a chance on investing in Darrington's future.  In 2012 they purchased a run down vacant commercial building located in Old Town.  Starting with a lower overhead they refurbished the building and began growing their business.  The bookstore and coffee shop are now a popular destination both for the locals as well as visitors coming into town.

The Oso Distillery invested in the vacant old city hall building.  This building was large enough to open up the possibilites of subletting.  The distillery will occupy the basement of the building and the new micro brewery will be on the main floor.

They are working on being open this summer in time for Darrington's three very successful music festivals.  The marketing survey showed strong local support for a microbrewery.  Future plans is to add a restaurant located on the top floor.  These business ventures will have strong local support and will increase visitors to the town.